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     The Chappabitty Law Office can protect your most vital employment rights you have as a federal employee.  Legal representation of your rights as federal employee should be left in the hands of a dedicated and experienced attorney who has ability to grasp the great variety of situations often posed to an employee in the area of federal employment law.


  • Federal employment law is unique because this area of law is governed by federal regulation and guided by a vast body of administrative case law precedent.  As a federal employee, you probably know that while federal employment law is similar to standard employment law, there are several variations in the rights you have as a federal employee to protect your job.


  •  Whatever difficult issue you are facing that affects your continued employment, whether discipline or discrimination, it is crucial to have an attorney on your side who understands employment law as it relates to federal employees and knows how to guide you through the administrative processes available to federal employees.


  •  If your federal employment legal issue involves a challenge affecting your job status, I can provide the exceptional legal counsel you need to address the problem professionally. I have extensive experience in litigating before the EEOC and MSPB. 


  • The Chappabitty Law Office stands ready to protect the rights of federal employees who need assistance in resolving any type of federal employment law matters.  I have experience that gives me the depth of knowledge with regard to this complex area of federal administrative law that is of great value to those federal employees who have legal matters that they need to defend against, litigate or resolve.


EEO Complaints and EEOC Hearings


  •  The Chappabitty Law Office represents federal employees at all stages of the EEO process, from the informal complaint stage, which can involve EEO Counseling or Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), to the formal complaint stage, including the agency investigation of your formal complaint, and finally, at the hearing process before the EEOC.


  • I am experienced in the substantive laws and regulations protecting federal employees from discrimination, including Title VII (which prohibits federal agencies from discriminating against federal employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and retaliation/reprisal for participation in protected activity); the Rehabilitation Act (which prohibits federal agencies from discriminating against federal employees on the basis of disability); the Equal Pay Act (which requires federal agencies to pay male and female federal employees the same for the same work); and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) (which prohibits federal agencies from discriminating against federal employees on the basis of age).


MSPB Appeals and Adverse Actions


  • The Chappabitty Law Office has represented federal employees before the MSPB in all matters over which the MSPB has jurisdiction, including adverse action (e.g., removals, demotions suspensions of more than 14 days) appeals, whistleblower retaliation appeals and retirement matters. The MSPB is known for its very efficient appeal processing, so having an experienced attorney who understands your Due Process Rrights and is familiar with the MSPB appeal process is critical  to your ability to successfully challenge your federal agency.




  • I will work closely with you to find and implement the best possible resolution of your case.  Nothing can substitute for actual experience when facing a confusing and complex legal issue involving the federal government employment  In the context of the federal employment environment, the outcome of the legal issue will largely be determined by the quality and experience of your legal representation.  The Chappabitty Law Office will provide to you the high quality, practical and exceptional depth of knowledge that will serve your interest  best in all types of federal employment law matters.


  • Choosing the right Federal Employment Law attorney can change the outcome of your case. It can be the difference between receiving justice and having your rights trampled upon by your supervisors, coworkers and agency management. If you were harassed, discriminated against, or not given the benefits to which you were legally entitled to, it is in your best interests to immediately seek counsel from a qualified attorney.

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